Made Fresh is all about providing you with stylish designs. Everyone wants to be different and have character in their wardrobe these days.

We believe that how a shirt feels when you put it on is just as important as whats on it, that's why we print on some the best shirts out there.

Our shirts have custom printed label tags, hang tags and hem tags to give you that extra flare to your t-shirt experience. All of our shirts are printed in the United States and are sweatshop free.

The brand is comprised of graphic t-shirts, outerwear, headwear, and accessories. 



"Made Fresh is inspired by many different lifestyles and cultures. Hip-hop and skateboarding cultures have been the main focal point for most streetwear type of brands, but I feel there's more to it. I really want Made Fresh to be a brand that succeeds without riding the hype of a certain trend or just putting out unoriginal designs. We want to stay true to our brand and avoid following the crowd like most clothing lines do, while still being able to produce stylish & trendy products" - Owner Clarence Denmark